Burhinus bistriatus


General description

It is large and erect posture; the legs are long, the feet are small, the head is bulky with large yellow eyes, and the bill is short and thick.
Adults have a wide black stripe on the side of the crown and wide white eyebrows.
The throat is white and the rest of the head, neck and upper region are streaked with brown.
Juveniles are similar, but with a splash of cinnamon that gives the mantle a mottled appearance.
During the day they rest quietly, lazing around and preening their plumage.
They are eminently active at night and are nocturnal birds.

They live in savannahs, grasslands, burned areas and areas with charrales

Insects, worms, snails, scorpions, reptiles and small frogs, and
also some seeds and shoots.

  • FAMILY: Burhinidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Burhinus bistriatus
  • STATE OF CONSERVATION: Least concern
  • IT’S FOUND: South of Mexico to North of Brazil.
  • LENGTH: 50cm (aprox)
  • WEIGHT: 780g

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