MONO MARMOSETA (Marmoset Monkey)

Callithrix jacchus


General description

It is characterized by having two large tufts of white hair on both sides of the head.

The fur on the body is grayish to blackish, mottled in different shades.

The forehead and jaw are covered with whitish hairs.

The tail forms blackish rings alternated with brown or yellowish ones. Common marmosets are diurnal, and generally live in groups of 2-13 individuals that may include mated groups and their offspring.

The most outstanding characteristic of the common behavior of marmosets is non-maternal child care, that is a task of the males.

It inhabits the tropical lowlands of the western Amazon forests.
Their distribution and density correlate directly with the presence and abundance of tree and animal species that are part of their diet.

Their diet in the wild consists mainly of a wide variety of fruits, leaves, flowers, nectar, sap and various insects, although some species also feed on eggs and small vertebrates.

  • FAMILY: Callitrichidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Callithrix jacchus
  • IT’S FOUND: Brasil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia
  • LENGTH: 18 & 25cm de longitud (tail from 28 & 35cm aprox)
  • WEIGHT: 400 & 450g.

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