MONO TAMARIN (Tamarin Monkey)

Saguinus geoffroyi


General description

The tamarin is diurnal and arboreal with black and white fur, with a reddish nape.

Group size is generally between three and nine monkeys.

Groups often consist of more than one adult of each sex.

Generally avoid large vertical supports during travel.

It prefers to move through thin branches, ascending and descending in long jumps.

It can give birth throughout the year, but the peak of labor is from April to June.

A single baby or twins can be born, although it is not uncommon for one of the twins to die in the first few months.

Males contribute greatly to the care of the young, but usually only one adult female in a group is reproductive, and reproductively active females will mate with multiple males if given the opportunity and the young prefer to be carried by males. their parents than their siblings.

They are arboreal; they tend to live in areas of secondary growth or in mixed forests.

It has a varied diet that includes fruits, insects, exudates (gums and sap), and green plant parts.

  • FAMILY: Callitrichidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Saguinus geoffroyi
  • IT’S FOUND: Panama and Colombia
  • LENGTH: 22 to 25cm
  • WEIGHT: 486g (aprox)

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