What does it consist of?

The Leave Your Mark volunteer program at the Monkey Park Foundation consists of giving you the opportunity to be part of our team, learn about the wildlife of our country, the NGUMU community garden, our culture and language, getting closer to our work, understanding, why and how important it is not to commercialize, hunt and interact with the wild animals that we protect.

Generating awareness and, above all, respect for the fauna and flora found not only in the Refuge, but in any part of the world, is one of our main objectives.

The idea is to teach everything that we ourselves also learn, so that the management of avoiding the existence of a customary bond with humans is complied with, and ensuring an optimal subsequent release, as well as having adequate enclosures to be able to rehabilitate them.

Understand how complicated an animal is in captivity, its needs and the effort required to set up an enclosure, build it and feed it without human intervention, always keeping the enclosures as clean as possible.



#DejaTuHuella An experience of “LEARNING BY DOING”


The activities to be carried out vary between: maintenance of the place, or some activity in which you can collaborate according to your experience such as art, photography, agriculture, technology.
It is important to mention that volunteers do not have any interaction with any wild animal, since it is prohibited according to Costa Rican law.
The reservation is only made through the email volunteermonkeypark@gmail.com
We ask volunteers for a high degree of commitment and collaboration.

What To Brig?

The Monkey Park Foundation is a center located in the Tropical Dry Forest of Guanacaste, therefore, it is recommended that you bring:

  • Repellent and creams for allergies, due to the location, you can find mosquitoes and a large number of insects.
  • Sun blocker
  • Comfortable clothes for work, preferably long pants.
  • Work shoes or rubber boots.
  • Medications if necessary.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Work gloves.

More Details

The activities to be carried out vary between:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of green areas.
  • Maintenance and setting of enclosures.
  • Preparation of daily animal meals.
  • Creation and conservation of labels.
  • Trail care.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and cultivation in the Ngumu Garden



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