Ciccaba virgata


General description

The head and back are mottled brown and the underparts whitish, with vertical bars on the chest and throat.

The eyes are dark and the head is round and they have no ear tufts.

The spotted owl is nocturnal and spends the day in dense vegetation where other birds may harass it. When it detects a small moving object, it descends from its perch on silent wings and pounces on its target.

The female lays and incubates two or more white eggs, and both parents care for the young.

It is found in forests, jungles, plantations, gardens, even in towns.

Mainly small mammals. His specialty is the little ones.
forest mammals, such as wood rats, deer mice, voles,
tree mice, small rabbits and bats. also eat birds
small, reptiles and large insects.

  • FAMILY: Strigidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ciccaba virgata
  • STATE OF CONSERVATION: Least concern
  • IT’S FOUND: From Mexico to Brasil.
  • LENGTH: 280 to 355 mm
  • WEIGHT: 600g

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