Tucán Collarejo (COLLARED TOUCAN)

Pteroglossus torquatus


General description

It is very colorful and has a large beak.

The sexes are similar in appearance, with a black head and breast, bright red rump.

It has a reddish collar on the back of the neck, which has earned it the name of collarejo.

The belly is bright yellow, with a black patch on the chest and a red and black band on the abdomen.

The thighs are brown.

The facial skin, without feathers, is black turning brown behind the yellow eyes.

The upper part of the bill is dull yellow, with a black border that follows a sawtooth pattern on the edges of the bill, and ends in a black tip.

The lower jaw is black.

The legs are green.

Lowland jungles and somewhat open forests

It is mainly frugivorous, but also consumes insects, small
reptiles, bird eggs and other small prey.

  • FAMILY: Ramphastidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pteroglossus torquatus
  • IT’S FOUND: From southern Mexico to Venezuela. 
  • LENGTH: 43cm
  • WEIGHT: 250g

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