PUERCOESPÍN (Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine)

Coendou mexicanus


General description

It is medium in size, thick-headed with small ears and a short bulbous pink snout.

Small, bright red eyes.

Stocky body with short limbs and a long spiny prehensile tail broad at the base, tapering to a point.

The coloration of the body goes from brown to black, contrasting with the lightness of the head; its ventral part is greyish.

It has long black hair, allowing it to hide its spines (except for its head where it lacks hair).

Individuals normally live alone and in silence, but in the breeding season they are more vocal, emitting cries and howls.

The female usually has only one offspring.

An arboreal species, it uses its prehensile tail to cling to branches.

It is nocturnal and is usually more active on dark nights.

The day is spent in a hollow tree, hidden in a leafy branch, in high places, or in a group of bamboos.

Use the same hiding place every day, a lot of droppings accumulate and produce a strong odor.

It lives in a wide variety of habitats including secondary environments in intermediate and high altitudes; at low altitudes it is usually only found
in tropical deciduous and tropical deciduous forest.

The diet consists of shoots, young leaves, fruits and seeds. favors especially fruit trees.

  • FAMILY: Erethizontidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coendou mexicanus
  • STATE OF CONSERVATION: Least concern
  • IT’S FOUND: Mexico and Central America.
  • LENGTH: 320 & 457mm
  • WEIGHT: 2,6kg (aprox)

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