Pecari tajacu


General description

It has blackish-brown bristle fur and a white spot as a collar.

Collared peccaries typically feed on cacti, mesquite beans, fruits, roots, tubers, palm nuts, grasses, invertebrates, and small vertebrates.

Collared peccaries are diurnal animals that live in groups of 1 to 20 members, but on average between 6 to 9 members generally.

They sleep in burrows, often under tree roots, but can sometimes be found in caves or under logs.

Although they generally ignore humans, they do react if they feel threatened.

They defend themselves with their fangs.

A peccary may release a strong odor or sharp substance if alarmed.

The peccary has small fangs that point towards the ground when the animal is upright.

It also has slender legs with a stocky, stocky body.

The tail is often hidden in the peccary’s thick fur.

It inhabits savannahs, xeric and desert forests, tropical grasslands and subtropics, scrublands, flooded grasslands, and broadleaf
tropical forests and subtropical

It feeds on fruits, tubers, grasses, invertebrates

  • FAMILY: Tayassuidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pecari tajacu
  • STATE OF CONSERVATION: Least concern
  • IT’S FOUND: North, Central and South America.
  • LENGTH: 1 to 1,5m
  • WEIGHT: 16 to 27kg

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